We are a nonprofit subsidiary project of TAFFD that avails systemic approaches for understanding, translating and educating Africans on the ethical methods of achieving a healthy life span.

VISION – Solving Aging and Preserving Africa’s Biodiversity.

MISSION – Making ageing a treatable disease for a healthy lifespan.

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Afrolongevity Innovative Competition challenges us to focus on the future of healthy longevity in Africa. The objective is to envision an innovation about healthy longevity that could be beneficial to Africa. We encourage applicants to apply their knowledge, creativity, skills, and experience to help give rise to new ways of thinking, new services, and projects that could advance the value of healthy longevity. The Afrolongevity Innovative Competition aims to encourage innovation as a creative part of the continuous advancements in Africa, to inspire research in existing and new areas, and to uncover possibilities that can help bring the unimaginable to the forefront of Africa’s progress.

Upcoming Projects

Longevity Academic Library

Afrolongevity Kingdom

Wild life conservation

Wildlife Conservation


Longevity for Pets

Longevity Hall of Fame

We wish to celebrate and throw the spotlight on individuals making big moves in the longevity ecosystem. 

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