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Afrolongevity Innovative Competition challenges us to focus on the future of healthy longevity in Africa. The objective is to envision an innovation about healthy longevity that could be beneficial to Africa. We encourage applicants to apply their knowledge, creativity, skills, and experience to help give rise to new ways of thinking, new services, and projects that could advance the value of healthy longevity. The Afrolongevity Innovative Competition aims to encourage innovation as a creative part of the continuous advancements in Africa, to inspire research in existing and new areas, and to uncover possibilities that can help bring the unimaginable to the forefront of Africa’s progress.

This International Competition and Participation is for students and non-students alike from anywhere across the world. We encourage ideas no matter how grand or seemingly small. Any idea can become a meaningful innovation!  To participate in the competition, we are accepting submissions in three categories:

  1. The first level is for High School students (Grade 8-12 matrix)
  2. The second level is for University and College undergraduates
  3. The third level is for Independent Innovator

Innovative Competition Issue

Access to healthcare is one of the greatest issues for many Africans while the cost of healthcare continues to rise. A vast obstacles to health care deliver in Africa is a lack of modern health facilities while chronic and costly diseases such as cardiovascular disease, cancer, and diabetes are on the rise. Yet, at the same time technology is accelerating and improving not only biomedical interventions, but importantly how people communicate, transparency in personalized healthcare, early detection of disease through wearable devices, AI-robotic prosthetics, and helping people monitor their own health through nutrition, exercise, and social interaction.

Innovative Competition Question:

What innovation opportunities are there for students and entrepreneurs?

Competition Challenge:

Write essay about an innovation idea that you think could benefit Africa. You can cover a new advance in science or technology, envision a new science or technology, come up with a way to inspire more healthcare professionals, deliver open source education to countries in Africa, imagine a future where people live long, healthy lives and how this happened, offer ways to overcome one or more issues we are all facing today for a better tomorrow, or any other idea that you might come up with.

Innovative Competition Guidelines:

All submissions must follow the following requirements:

  • Submissions must be written in essay form, with a title, the name of author or authors, date of submission, and academic affiliation (name of your school). 
  • Submissions must be no less than 500 words and no more than 2,000 words. 
  • Submissions must fully describe the innovation with clarity, why it is needed and what problem it solves, and include the innovation’s proof of concept of why it is a feasible innovation.
    • Description: Write about the innovation so that the innovation’s purpose is clear. Identify what problem it solves and why it is needed for Africa and/or Africans.
    • Proof of Concept: Explain how this innovation is feasible and will benefit African society. You can refer to other innovative projects or ideas that your innovation is similar to and how it is different.
  • Each submission can contain a graph, chart, or image that describes your innovation. 


The Judging of the Afrolongevity Innovative Competition will be managed by a committee of International Judges from transdisciplinary faculties and industry leaders and experts. This committee will be judging the essays and their project-based innovative ideas based on their contributions to the advancement and future of longevity in Africa, creative efforts in envisioning how longevity could be beneficial to Africa, and the feasibility of the innovation. 

The Judge’s decision is final, scoring is confidential, and there will be no correspondence between the Judges and the Submitting Applicants during the competition time frame.


Three Finalists will be selected from each category and the final Winners in each group will be awarded at the First International Longevity Summit in Africa to be held in South Africa on 23-24 August 2023.